Can we talk about how Steve Rogers would probably fight to keep abortion legal and safe, because he saw how many people used to die back in the day because all…

I feel uncomfortable turning Captain America into the subject of a highly partisan argument. He’s supposed to represent universal American values like democracy, liberty and freedom. He is a better representation of classical liberalism and founding principles than he is of either the Republican or Democratic parties. The idea of Captain America is to unite people, not divide them.

Theoretically yes. 

Non-theoretically, he was made to represent the 1940s liberal ideals. 

Non-theoretically, he was the son of a single mother who grew up in New York in poverty.

Non-theoretically, he was made by Jews to fight against the oppression they experienced at that time. 

Non-theoretically, Steve is leftist as fuck.

The entire plot of Cap2 is “Look at how fucked up the American Military Industrial Complex is! Look at it! We need to literally blow it up and tear it down. It can not be saved. It is corrupt to the core.” 

Like, that’s the entire plot of the movie. Three soldiers finding out how truly fucked up the American military industrial complex is and deciding to end that shit. It’s a two hour criticism of domestic surveillance and American military force framed as a peacekeeping measure littered with explosions. 

Steve is left of center as the day is long. 


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