Today only a tiny minority of outsiders see Israelis as victims. The true victims, it is now widely accepted, are the Palestinians. Indeed, Palestinians have now displaced Jews as the emblematic persecuted minority: vulnerable, humiliated and stateless. This unsought distinction does little to advance the Palestinian case any more than it ever helped Jews, but it has redefined Israel forever. It has become commonplace to compare Israel at best to an occupying colonizer, at worst to the South Africa of race laws and Bantustans. In this capacity Israel elicits scant sympathy even when its own citizens suffer: Dead Israelis - like the occasional assassinated white South African in the apartheid era, or British colonists hacked to death by native insurgents - are typically perceived abroad not as the victims of terrorism but as the collateral damage of their own government’s mistaken policies.

My little brother totally took down this person talking about “straight Pride” today.



I’m so proud of him.


profoundstatement-bufferingsaid: details please? that sounds reallly awesome!

Person we went to High School with: “If the LGBT community can have pride festivals, why can’t the straight community?”

My Brother: “LGBT pride rallies serve the purpose of pushing for rights that the LGBT community has been deprived of. Straight people aren’t deprived of any rights because of their sexual orientation. It’s kind of like a white pride rally during the civil rights movement. It’s an attempt to organize against a group of people seeking the same rights as everybody else gets.” 

Person from high school: “They are PRIDE rallies. So saying that just because I’m straight, I can’t have pride, nor share that pride in the form of a gathering or rally because it would be sharing an opposite opinion of another person or persons? And because straight people are not deprived of any rights, they can’t gather and be PROUD of their sexual orientation? That does not make sense.” 

My Brother: “I don’t believe anyone should be proud of their sexual orientation at all. It’s not something to be proud of, it’s a basic human urge that everyone has. I’m all for celebrating sexuality but calling it a “pride rally” is a bad idea. Pride comes from accomplishments; it denotes a feeling of superiority. However, gay pride rallies serve the cause of gay rights. Also straight pride is pretty obviously a response against gay pride, which kinda pisses off people who are fighting for basic human freedoms.” 

Me: -applauds-