Krummavísur - Iceland Folk Song   

RAVENSONG (Jón Thoroddsen 1818 — 1868) || The raven slept in a rock-rift\

On a cold winters night\ Many things can harm him\ Many things can harm him. Before fair day arrives\ He draws his frozen beak\ From beneath a big rock\ From beneath a big rock. || Everything is frozen outside\ Nobody gets anything on the beach\ I’m so hungry\ I’m so hungry\ If I go to a house\ The watchdog forbids me\ To pluck from the garbage\ To pluck from the garbage.

The earth is covered in ice\ Nothing seen on the hillsides\ Full-fledged birds can fly far.\ Full-fledged birds can fly far.\ But though I look all about\ Nowhere colour, empty ground\ What can a raven eat?\ What can a raven eat? !! Dead, lying on its side is\ A fat sheep near a fence\ Who once was quick\ Once was quick\ Caw, caw! Namesakes, come here! \ Caw, caw! For awaiting us\ Is a feast upon the cold ice\ A feast upon the cold ice.